Lindsay Funkhouser

Lindsay FunkhouserLindsay Funkhouser has always loved a good story. She spent her childhood reading Shel Silverstein and Lois Lowery (in between visits to Narnia), and was always the first back to her desk after recess to see if her Weekly Reader order had arrived.

The Charlatan, written in 2017 with Anna and Brian, is her first fiction podcast, and she looks forward to collaborating on many more! She is also currently finishing up her first novel, a young adult story full of friendship and adventure.

She spends her days as a Resource Director at the Austin Stone, where she develops training resources and curriculum. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Illinois, and a graduate degree in Sports Management from the University of Texas, so it makes perfect sense that her day job is neither of those things.

Lindsay is a certified MBTI consultant, and when she’s not writing, hiking in the Hill Country, or watching college basketball, you can usually find her using personality-based tools to help individuals and teams thrive in their mission. (A very INFJ thing to do.) She is also online at dailymed and developmentculture.

Brian Lundin

Brian Lundin Brian Lundin is a writer and documentary filmmaker who lives in Taylor, Texas just outside of Austin. Brian is a former software developer, architect, and project manager, but left the tech world to be a full-time storyteller.

Brian is currently working on his first novel, as well as pursuing several podcast projects. Writing The Charlatan in 2017 was his first foray into narrative podcast fiction, and he is excited to pursue future podcast projects with Lindsay and Anna. Brian is artistically indebted to the to the works of Victor Hugo, Ernest Hemingway, and J.K. Rowling for his education as a writer. He is passionate about writing and education, and is convinced that recovering the study and appreciation of both the humanities and fine arts are vital for our culture.

Brian also serves as the Lead Writer and Producer for The Austin Stone Story Team, where he leads a team of artists and teaches about storytelling and faith. He also occasionally writes online at

Anna Sargeant

Anna Sargeant Anna Sargeant found her love of writing as a teacher, when she quickly discovered her favorite part of the day was reading aloud to her kids. Since leaving the teaching profession, Anna has written two books for children, studied under award-winning children’s book author, Liz Garton Scanlon, and was a member of SCBWI. The book Anna always wishes she had written was Bridge to Terabithia. She’s convinced the line, “I am now the fastest runner in the fifth grade” is one of the best ever written.

Anna enjoys writing fiction podcasts because it’s a medium that highlights dialogue. Since dialogue between 2-3 people has always been one of her favorite things to do, it makes sense that it’s one of her favorite things to write.

For her day job, Anna is the Director of Children’s Curriculum and Staff Writer at the Austin Stone. She also writes freelance for nonprofits and composes thoughts on faith and infertility on her blog, When Anna is not at her computer, you might find her riding her bike, watching a movie, reading her Kindle, or flying on planes.